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Granite is the material that best represents permanence in time. Thanks to its high resistance to compression, bending and abrasion, it becomes the ideal material of very easy maintenance, cleaning and very homogeneous. It blends perfectly with each other, with other stones and other building materials. For this reason, it is a modern material of high quality and beauty, that can be used both indoors and outdoors in an unlimited way.

Marble is one of the most used stones in coatings since antiquity. With which it is possible to obtain finishes of great beauty thanks to its veining and to the facility with which it can be polished until obtaining a brilliant appearance.
Marble is a very aesthetically pleasing material. In general the use of marble is indicated in: covering of walls, stairs and interior floors in which it is desired to give a touch of distinction and elegance.

We commercialize the most exclusive materials such as Limestone, Onyx, Travertino, Slate, Porcelanite, and Bamboo Veneer, importing them from places like Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.


The natural stone, so solid and austere can create environments so beautiful, warm and welcoming that will give life to any space.

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The applications of stone are synonymous of quality since being a natural material they are highly resistant to the intemperie with a minimum maintenance.

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Synonymous with good taste and perfection, natural stone can be integrated from rustic environments to the most modernist architectural styles.

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Unique and unrepeatable design, natural stones provide textures to flat surfaces evoking sensations, creating environments in harmony and balance with nature.

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